Free SimCity 5 Offline Patch MOD - You can now play SimCity 5 even without connecting to the internet!

Play SimCity 5 Offline

Since the release of the game, many players of SimCity 5 became disappointed because of the many problems that arose. One problem is the SimCity 5 servers keep crashing and many players have to wait a long time for them to access a server. Because of this, many protested to to have the SimCity 5 become available and playable offline.

EA claims that SimCity 5 has to be online in order to work have been proven untrue, as one fan gets SimCity 5 running offline and with bigger city plots. Because of the great efforts of a single individual, AzzerUK, he discovered that SimCity 5 does not have to be online to run and SimCity 5 can be played offline. With this, the players won't have any problems with the servers while playing and they can play SimCity 5 freely.

How to Play SimCity 5 Offline Courtesy of AzzerUK

 A few days ago we saw the brilliant efforts of a single individual, AzzerUK, who despite all odds found a way to make SimCity 5 work offline! While he first shared his efforts to YouTube and Reddit the file & the procedure that makes it all possible is now available for public use. While the file will give players the ability to play the game offline and fix a few other problems along the way, there is also a guide on how to edit the source code of the game itself so that a proper programmer can do even more good to the community.

SimCity 5 Offline MOD Patch Instructions

1. Download the SimCity 5 Offline MOD Patch here: Bag Of Trix Version 4: Patch 1.6.1 Update (1.4 mb)

2. Place the downloaded SimCity 5 Offline MOD Patch file  in your Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData folder folder and replace any previous version.

3.  Launch the game and play SimCity 5 offline. Enjoy!

Current Features of SimCity 5 Offline MOD Patch

  • Exposed Debug UI
  • Ctrl+Shift+E - Opens UI Editor
  • Ctrl+Shift+U - Opens Javascript Console when UI Editor open.
  • Unlimited offline mode enabled
  • Unfudged Population Numbers
  • Continue game during budget crisis

Additionals for SimCity 5 Offline:

Fix for game browser, show empty/abandoned slots:

Adds extra icons for empty and abandoned slots, also splits up icons for players who have multiple cities. You can download the latest package here: GameBrowserFix.package (416kb)

To install simply place it in your SimCityData folder.

Screenshot of what it looks like:

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